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Our Yucaipa, August 2013

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A message from the publisher I moved to Yucaipa 11 years ago from Orange County, where I had lived most of my life. It was a bit of a culture shock, going from a place where if you sneezed you'd hit a Nordstrom, to a town that had cows regularly grazing on the frontage road near the freeway. The upside, I thought, was I'd save a lot of money being so far from a mall. Since then, I've realized there are countless upsides that come with living in Yucaipa. The small town we call home has given me a sense of tranquility and peace of mind. Plus I really feel connected — I regularly see friends at the grocery store, Ross, and at Market Night. My husband and I have built a wonderful life here. I've had the pleasure of entertaining many residents at Yucaipa Little Theatre, performing in shows and hosting stand-up comedy nights. We got our dog Rosie from YAPS. My son started pre-school at Yucaipa Christian and will graduate from Yucaipa High School. I've seen new homes and schools built for those who have also discovered the blessings of living in Yucaipa. When the fire started on June 28, I contacted my good friends who live on the North Bench. They received many calls that day — all from friends and neighbors here in Yucaipa. That's what happens when you live in a small town. Everyone watches out for everyone else and rejoices together in happy endings — and time and time again, pulls together in the face of tragedy. This magazine has been created to capture that spirit — the inherent goodness of the residents of Yucaipa. The magazine was named "Our Yucaipa" because I want everyone who loves this town to share their positive stories about living here. Whether it's about the good ol' days 50 years ago, or the memories we're creating today, all submissions, both pictures and stories, are welcome. Finally, I want to thank the Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce for their invaluable partnership in "Our Yucaipa." Each month, they will be sharing the great things going on in the business community. They've been a steadfast supporter of local businesses with their "Yucaipa First" program, encouraging residents to shop here at home, helping our mom and pop shops to grow and prosper. Supporting local businesses is critical to a town's success and the Chamber of Commerce works tirelessly lending, and encouraging, that support. Having their participation in this publication has buoyed my dream of celebrating Yucaipa with this magazine. So enjoy this first issue and contact me anytime with questions or ideas. It's our magazine, our stories, our laughter, our memories… Our Yucaipa. All my best, Courtney Taylor 2 OUR YUCAIPA | AUGUST 2013

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