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Our Yucaipa, November 2013

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I like to think that I count my blessings all year long, but let's face it, I'm flawed. Day to day annoyances tend to cloud my gratitude. Lately I've been trying to step back when I feel overwhelmed and look at the upside of the situation. For example, my son Benjamin finished his basketball season and, five mintues later, joined another league. This means non-stop basketball for 18 months - two practices a week plus games all day on Saturday or Sunday nearly every weekend. I can feel my soul being sapped just thinking about it. But I have to flip it over and look at it from a different angle. I'm blessed to have a son who is athletic, who is a great team player and gives his best every game (unless he's thinking about his Playstation, but we had a little chat about that). In 1996, I griped about how much work I had and God was listening. He turned off the taps and I had the longest dry spell in the 20 years I've owned my business. I don't gripe about work anymore. Our oven broke and, instead of complaining that I couldn't bake, I am grateful I can pick up the phone and call someone who will come and repair it. Plus it means getting to try new restaurants in town. My step-son called me to complain about how much he has to drive during his work day and I told him to be happy he had a job. Benjamin asked, "Why don't we have any good junk food in our house?" I told him that it's because he has a mother who loves him and wants him to grow up healthy and strong. Then I added, "You're welcome." Whatever minor annoyance is going on in your life, spin it around. You need to replace your carpet? You have a house! You have a lot of homework? You have a brain to learn! Your baby doesn't sleep through the night? You have a baby to love! Your dogs that bark all day long? You must live near me! Please muzzle your dogs! Wait, bad example. Today on the freeway some joker cut me off. I took a deep breath and thought, "Well, at least I have a car that is safe and I know how to drive well enough to avoid an accident." Just kidding. I totally yelled at him. Okay - so it doesn't always work. But for the most part, living in Yucaipa, California, in the best country in the world, is something we should thank our lucky stars for each day. ~ Courtney 2 OUR YUCAIPA | NOVEMBER 2013

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