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Four Seasons Hemet Herald February 2019

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So, how is everyone enjoying the New Year? How many of us have already deviated from our resolutions? In all honesty, I'm still working on keeping some that I made last year! Those of you who attended the New Year's Eve celebration at our Lodge were treated to an elegantly decorated "Winter Wonderland" with wonderful entertainment planned and organized by an outstanding event committee. Our volunteers are so creative and work very hard to put these events together. It is always amazing how our ballroom can be transformed so beautifully for all the various activities over the year. The Social Committee is very busy filling up the calendar with a plethora of events. This Committee facilitates these events while the individual event committees do the work to bring the event to life. There are many opportunities to help, and working on these committees is always fun. So, keep your eyes open for the event announcements. When homeowners make changes to the exterior of their home, the Architectural Review Committee works to ensure that they comply with the Architectural Standards and Regulations. Homeowners making changes to the exterior of their home need to get approval from the ARC. This helps maintain the community to the high standards we expect of everyone. Our Emergency Preparedness Committee is in the process of restructuring and is very much in need of more volunteers to help in their endeavors. In case you may have missed the email blast notice, they have even created a new website. When you have a moment, check it out at and give serious consideration to getting yourself prepared! And, most certainly, if you have any prior experience as a first responder, medical background, ham radio operator, engineering or construction, consider joining the Committee. Your skills will be most appreciated! Our Facilities Committee is charged with the task of making sure all of our fixed assets, common area structures, recreational amenities, etc. remain in good working order. They make routine inspections and initiate necessary corrective action to ensure that we maintain our assets properly. If you have skills and/or an interest in this kind of role, please consider applying for this Committee. The Landscape Committee works diligently to ensure that our common area landscaping is well maintained and attractive. After all, many of us chose to move here because Four Seasons is such a beautiful and well-groomed community. The folks on this committee are very committed to their mission and always appreciate community support. Our Bistro Committee has been making great strides in their objective to professionalize and enhance the daily Bistro services and menu offerings. Additionally, they have recommended and introduced new practices that improved food service during large functions in the ballroom. If you have a background in this field, I'm sure the committee would appreciate your participation. Likewise, Our Access Control Committee has been very busy making modifications to our vehicle gate access systems. New state-of-the-art CCTV cameras have been, and are being, installed at both gates, as well as in critical areas of the Lodge facility. The new RFID gate access system was an arduous undertaking, but it is working out quite nicely. Like all the other committees, these committed individuals would love to bolster their membership with anyone who has an interest or background in such technology or services. One of the less glamorous committees is our Finance Committee. Although not often "visible" in the community, their work is absolutely essential to the financial well being of our HOA. Without their expertise and detailed analysis of our budget and expenditures, we would not likely be as financially solvent as we are. If you have professional finance background, this would be an ideal committee for you to consider. These are not all of the committees that are staffed by dedicated and skilled volunteers. However, they are indicative of the important roles and responsibilities shared by our friends and neighbors. Without their efforts, we would not enjoy the quality community that we have here in Four Seasons. Knowing that we have talented folks helping in these many ways ensures that our Community remains the premier community we desire. These committees oversee the complex operations of our community and the Board is dedicated to ensuring the committees have the resources and support to accomplish their charters and duties. So, we thank each and every one of these hard- working residents for their involvement and dedication! Regardless if you are a relatively new home owner or have been here a long time, consider getting involved with one of our many committees. On behalf of your Board of Directors, Jim H., Ken, Tony, Gene, Jim C. and Greg, we appreciate your support of our efforts, and look forward to yet another great year! Message from the Board of Directors Russ Brown President 2 | Four Seasons Hemet Herald | FEBRUARY 2019 |

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