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Solera Diamond Valley April 2019

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SOLERA DIAMOND VALLEY | APRIL 2019 23 Committees COMMUNICATIONS ADVISORY: Meets 1st Monday of every month at 11:15 am. This committee reviews information pertaining to the publication of the monthly newsletter and website. The committee will work with other groups and clubs to ensure reliable and current information is provided to the community. Members: Theresa Rossetti (Chairperson), Dick Roppé, Andrea Jeric, Clare Mendez, Sharon Cates and Sherrie Chaparro. Board Liaison - Minio Garcia. DESIGN REVIEW (DRC): Meets every other Wednesday at 10 am. This committee shall review submitted home improvement applications, back up plans, and design guidelines to provide compliance within the requirements of the governing documents. The committee will then provide the homeowner with a letter of approval, denial or a request for additional information. Residents with pending HIA applications are invited to attend the Design Review Committee's bi-weekly meeting to answer any questions the committee may have concerning their application. If the resident is not present for questioning the application could be delayed two weeks to obtain further information from the resident. Members: John Schunn (Chairperson), Joseph Costello (Vice Chairperson), Jim Harris (Secretary), Marian Caudill, Vince Martin. Board Liaison - Tom Carpenter. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ADVISORY: Meets 2nd Monday of every month at 9:30 am. This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to emergency preparedness and response such as the execution of emergency programs to prepare for, and respond to, a disastrous event affecting the community. Residents are invited to attend the Emergency Preparedness Advisory meetings. Members: Dori Theel (Chairperson), Jeanne Porter, Edith Reed, Bob Stowell, Susan Stevens, Judy Cherpin, Alda Pitt and Daniel Mendez. Board Liaison - Minio Garcia. FINANCE ADVISORY: Meets 3rd Thursday of every month at 2 pm. The committee reviews the DRE budget, monthly financials, investments, contracts, reserve study and annual audit. The committee then reports back to the Board of Directors with their recommendations on the financial matters. Members: Ralph Grider (Chairperson), Bob Vise (Co Chairperson), Candice Gartner (Secretary), Linda Weiss, David Wellfare. Board Liaison – Tom Lontz. INTERIOR DESIGN: The Interior Design Committee will assist the designer chosen by the Board in completing the Clubhouse refresh. We will do this by providing input regarding the functionality and use of various spaces in the Lodge to ensure the design chosen, including color scheme, drapery and upholstery fabrics, wall coverings and furniture, is aesthetically pleasing, will stand up over time and will meet the needs of users. We will also assist in ensuring the project is completed without undue delay. RECREATION ADVISORY: Meets 1st Monday of every month at 10 am. The Recreation Advisory Committee assists in the planning, promoting and evaluating of all recreation activities for the communal and social benefits of residents in the Solera Diamond Valley Community. Members: Raul Villa (Chairperson), Vicky Franks, Gill Woodhart, Myrna Rohr, Georgeann Wellfare, and Jim Harris. Board Liaison - Steve Patrick. WELCOME COMMITTEE: The Welcome Advisory Committee plans quarterly meetings to welcome new homeowners to the community. They are instrumental in developing a packet and/or presentation for new residents. This process will assist new residents to become familiar with the requirements of living in a homeowners association and introduce them to the governing documents, lifestyle events, committees, clubs and various classes available to them. Members: Sandra Day (Chairperson), Clare Mendez (Co-Chairperson), Georgeann Wellfare (Secretary), Bob Blechman, (Treasurer), Dolores Blechman, Steve Day, Chris Fullerton, Ellen Hyman, Daniel Mendez, Myrna Rohr, Hillary Ross, Terry Vise. Board Liaison – Minio Garcia.

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