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Our Yucaipa, October 2013

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Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce 2013 Board of Directors Chairman, Jim Hammond Comfort Keepers Immediate Past Chair, Michelle Lopez AVON Finance Vice-Chair, Jason Ross Law Office of Linda Roberts-Ross Board Members Cheryl Benton, NuSkin Enterprises Capt. Lee Hamblin, Yucaipa Police Department Cheryl Marshall, Crafton Hills College Bob Miller, Retired Law Enforcement Paul Norwood, Safe Harbor Design Dora Ordonez, Asaderos Supermarket CHAMBER STAFF Pamela Emenger, President/CEO Ellen Benefiel, Membership Development Coordinator AMBASSADOR TEAM Cheryl Benton, NuSkin Pamela Brierley-Vengarick, Good Nite Inn Marlyn Crampton, Yucaipa Rotary Club Nancy Kenny, Prime Lending Michelle Lopez, Avon Dora Ordonez, Asaderos Supermarket Debbie Harber, Sequoia Digital Marketing Mission Statement The Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting a vibrant business environment by cooperative interaction among business, government and community For more information, call (909) 790-1841 • Fax (909) 363-7373 35139 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa, CA 92399 4 a message from the chairman For the first time in about a month I took some time off and played a round of golf at the Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon course in Beaumont. I noticed the train traffic seemed to be busier than usual. So my suggested observation is that a lot of business' that are shipping freight across the country have not realized how bad the economy is. Then that reminded me of a story told to me many years ago. There was a man who had a very good business and continued to have an increase each and every year. He did so well that he sent his son to one of our finest universities in this country. Well the son graduated with honors and went home to assist in running the family business. So the son began to study his father's business and the future orders that the dad was making. Then the son went to his dad and informed him how bad the economy was. He told his dad that he had way too much inventory on hand and should cut back his future orders by at least 15 percent or the family business would end. Well the dad thought about this and how wise his very educated son had become. He had studied under some of the nation's finest and brightest professors so he must know much more on how to manage a business than he did, since the dad was not a highly educated man. So the dad cut back his orders, reduced his inventory just like the son said needed to be done. In a few weeks sure enough the business was down by 15 percent just like the son had projected This business planned to have a 15 percent decrease in sales and succeeded in its goal. If we plan to fail we will fail, if we plan to succeed we will succeed. I have seen several new businesses open recently and they are planning for success. Others have told them it's too risky to open a new restaurant, or too demanding to open a retail unit, or the price of housing is too low for a new realtor to set up an office. These businesses aren't letting others tell them how to fail, but are willing to do what it takes to succeed. I've been to the chambers small business breakfast and have seen people wanting to learn from their peers and I applaud all those that are willing to showcase their talents in opening a new business of their dreams. So let's help our neighbors succeed by patronizing the local businesses by shopping Yucaipa First! ~ Jim Hammond, Chamber of Commerce Chairman OUR YUCAIPA | OCTOBER 2013 | CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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