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SOLERA DIAMOND VALLEY | OCTOBER 2016 3 SOLERA DIAMOND VALLEY COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Greg Rainier, General Manager 951.652.5766, Ext. 224 • Connie King, Lifestyle Director 951.652.5766, Ext. 223 • Diana Floyd, Executive Assistant Ext. 222 Gabriel Stearns, Facility Maintenance Coordinator Steve Trevino, Luis Lara, Facility Monitors Christina Juelch, Receptionist COMMUNITY WEBSITE PCM BILLING INQUIRIES 800.808.4882 GUARD SYSTEMS INC. On-Site Community Patrol 951.388.4049 • (800) 606.6711 (secondary) BOARD OF DIRECTORS Brian Rubin, President 951.925.3918, Leeanne Brock, Vice-President 760.772.5400, Karl Edwards, Treasurer 951.544.5183, Holly Sandler, Secretary 949.330.8532, Melissa Karsting, Member-at-Large 951.255.2561, HOURS OF OPERATION MOUNTAIN VIEW LODGE 1645 Paseo Diamante, Hemet, CA 92545 Lodge Hours: Sun.: 7 am - 8 pm; Mon. - Sat.: 7 am - 9 pm Pool Hours: Sun.: 7 am - 8 pm; Mon. - Sat.: 7 am - 9 pm PUBLICATION EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Connie King, Lifestyle Director COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Alan Siegel, Chairperson; Theresa Rossetti, Vice Chairperson; Berkie Harris, Secretary; Dick Roppe, Andrea Jeric PRODUCTION Image Up Advertising & Design and Kevin Walker, Arrow Printing ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS All submissions must be emailed to no later than the 10th of the month. Articles should not exceed 500 words, 250 words for club news and 100 words for groups. The View is published monthly by the Solera Diamond Valley Community Association (SDVCA). This publication is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or reprinted without the written permission of SDVCA. Advertising inquiries, Stacey Parr (909) 435- 5042 or email The View Magazine SOLERA DIAMOND VALLEY By Alan Siegel, Resident October is find out your blood type month. Seriously, they tell you about your cholesterol, your sugar, your lipids, your blood pressure, but never your blood type. Curious, isn't it? When they rush you into the emergency room after the plane crash, are they going to ask you what your cholesterol count is? The medical system has gotten way bad. Why do drug companies advertise their drugs directly to patients? We can't buy them. We have to go to a doctor and ask for it. The drug companies are selling us drugs just like any other commodities like TVs and cars. There are always happy smiling people laughing and walking along a beach throwing their hats in the air while the announcer tells us to "ask your doctor if Xlareynton is right for you?" I've never been on the beach with a group of people laughing and smiling with women tossing their hats in the air. Granted, I don't spend much time at the beach, and most of my beach knowledge comes from TV, but even on TV, except for those ads, I haven't seen it. I don't know what Xlareynton is for, especially since I just made that up, but it would seem like a drug I should ask my doctor about. I think I'll make an appointment and ask him. In TV ads, everyone is taking drugs from Phil Mickelson and Arnold Palmer to Blythe Danner and Terry Bradshaw. Get drugs, take drugs, buy drugs, ask for drugs. Everybody who takes drugs on TV, gets right on with their lives and has a good time. Like those happy people throwing hats in the air. In real life, no one I know who takes drugs is joyfully throwing their hats in the air. Usually, they're bemoaning the costs, co- pays, doctor visits, pain and discomfort of whatever they've got. And doctors, let's talk about them for a minute. I feel sorry for them. The insurance companies pay them about $7 if they bill $649, especially if you're on medicare. So, doctors can only spend about 90 seconds with you. If they can't solve your problem in 90 seconds, they will give you more drugs, tell you to make another appointment and refer you to a specialist. So you go to a specialist and they do the exact same thing. And you're referred to another specialist. Personally, I've got a primary guy, a hip guy, a knee guy, a back guy and a pain management guy who, along with Walgreens, are all making their stockholders a lot of money. Once you get sucked into the medical-industrial complex, it's hard to get out. They never tell you your blood type. They don't care. Whatever blood type you have, they're happy to suck it right out of you. October: My Favorite Month

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